Do you have an indoor studio?

I do not,  I love using natural light and the freedom and landscape of the outdoors.  Maybe, one day, but for now I hold my sessions outside.

When should I book my session for preferred seasons?

I have several clients that contact me to let me know that they are interested in booking ahead of time, but putting a session on my calendar is determined on a first come first serve basis.  Clients that are looking to book outside of the Eastern Panhandle I suggest contacting me when you have a date so I can plan ahead.  I post my out of town visits to my FB account several times a year.

Do you offer Gift Cards?


What should I wear to my photo session?

I always suggest something that your are comfortable in first.  I would suggest to stay away from large logo's and distracting images on your clothing.  Simple clothing with texture and accents photograph great.  (scarves, bracelets, earrings, head pieces).  Please feel free to bring a change of clothes to break up your photos. I will let you determine how many outfits you feel you can use in your hour session.

What if there is weather and my session needs to be cancelled?

I am constantly checking the weather and have found that canceling the day of works best, unless it's obvious that we need to cancel the day before.  I make room on my calendar to provide rain dates for those appointments out of town and have more flexibility for those sessions that will take place in my area.

How much do you charge for travel fee's?

If you are looking to book 20 miles outside of Harpers Ferry, WV,  I do have a travel fee.  I charge $25 every 20 miles. ( ex. 20-40 miles will have $25 added to your session) When I travel close by, I do not charge a travel fee when I hold more than 3 sessions in one day.  If your location has a photographers fee or a parking fee I do add that to your session as well.

Do you have a photo library to choose my photos from my session?

I do not have a library to choose your photos.  I take over 500 photos in a session and find it best for me to select the best photos for your package. I have found this to be a more valuable service to eliminate having to buy individual photos from a library.  I love feedback on what your preferences would be ( more of the kids/family, etc.)  

Can I choose if I wish to have my photos edited in BW or Color or Mixed?

I often ask how you decorate your home and if BW or Color is a better fit for your style.  Most clients choose the mixed option because it provides a variety to choose from when printing.  If you find that you want a photo that was selected in BW in color, then I do charge $10 a photo to re edit.  

Do you have props we can use?

I love when clients add sentimental props to their sessions and I am open to anything you wish to have photographed.  I, myself, do not have props that I use because I want my clients photos to be their own.  I may in the future have themed sessions for the holidays.

How and when do I pay for my session?

I take payment the day of your session.  I take a check  made out to Sweet Caroline Photography or cash at this time.

Can I include our pets in our session?

I love animals and to me they are family:) Yes!

Do you have Boudoir sessions available?

I have done several Boudoir sessions, I do not currently have examples here on my page, due to privacy, but with a clients permission I can provide you with a few examples.  They start at $250.